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The Non-Boring Vacation Packing Guide is available only as an eBook. You can purchase it now for immediate download.

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Amazon is the largest eBook retailer in the world – but its not the only one. Currently  Amazon adds an additional US$2 to prices for buyers who live outside of the following countries: USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Australia,  and New Zealand.  If you want to avoid this “tax” then please consider downloading the Kindle version from Smashwords.com.

Also Smashwords does NOT require authors to use DRM (digital rights management) – which makes it easy for you copy your legal copy of a book to other computers or devices that you own.

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(Note still showing under the previous name, Vacation Packing List)

Smashwords.com in mobi (KIndle),  epub(Nook, Sony Reader, Kobo), LRF (Sony), Palm Doc (Palm reading devices) and pdf.

You Don’t Need an eReader to read an eBook .

There are several ways to read an eBook – only one of which includes buying a reader (though I do love my Kindle)

1. Use free software from Amazon to read on your PC, Mac, Android or iPhone, iPad or Palm phone:

2. If you download the pdf format from Smashwords you will likely already have the (free) Adobe reader software to read the book on – though pdf’s do not have all the functionality that some of the other formats have.

3. If you download the ePub version from Smashwords you can dowload the (free) Adobe Digital Editions software which is alot more flexible.

4. You can also check out the (free) Calibre eBook management software which will manage pretty much any eBook format which doesn’t have DRM enabled.