The Author

Born in England, Elisabeth has been traveling since she was seven and was sent off on a plane by herself to save her mum’s sanity, and ruin her sister’s long-planned trip to Ireland. She was hooked, Even six weeks on a boat to emigrate to New Zealand in the dim-dark days of the 1970s didn’t dampen her enthusiasim – it also proved that she may love travel but she gets horrible sea sickness.

Elisabeth used her geology degree as a passport to the non-touristy destinations of Bougainville Island (Papua New Guinea), and remote Australia (Broken Hill) and the darkest depths of British Columbia (Canada). Finally she figured out if she wanted to see anywhere that had shops, good coffee, decent wine, night life and people she better change direction.

Her Information Technology degree meant that she could then afford to travel solo across Asia and through much of South America. Finding a partner means that she now gets to make him carry some of the gear and has seen Elisabeth talk him into 35,000 kilometers drive around Australia in a 1986 4WD. In between times Elisabeth still likes to travel to anywhere that is warm.

Now based in New Zealand Elisabeth thanks her lucky stars that she lives in the time of Internet and competitive cheap international air fares. She has a collection of passports including Australian and British – but generally uses her New Zealand, one – because its the prettiest.