Table of Contents

Why A Book About Packing?
Chapter 1: Packing a Travel Philosophy

So, Why Do We Over Pack

Why Less is More

Key Points – The WHY of Packing Light

Chapter 2: What Stuff to Pack

Work Out the Stuff That Matters

So, What Studd Do You Need To Pack?

Stuff to Wear

Stuff to Wear in the Heat

Stuff to Wear in the Cold

eStuff – Do You Need it?

Key Points: The WHAT of Packing

Chapter 3; Packing List s, Tips and Tricks

Security is (Mostly) in the Mind

A Short List of Useful Stuff

A (Short) List of Really Useful Stuff

A (Longer) List of Useless Travel Gear

Key Points – Tips and Tricks

Chapter 4: Luggage and How to Pack It

The Debate: Rigid Case or Backpack?

How To Pack

Carry It On? Maybe, Maybe Not

Key Points- Luggage Packing

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