Vacation Packing List: Save Your Back, Time and Money

Packing – how hard can it be? The person who asks that – probably has his partner do the vacation packing!

  • Should you take a ball gown with you on a backpacking trip of Canada?
  • Can you buy swimsuits in Thailand?
  • What happens if you forget to pack your prescription meds for trip to Costa Rica?

Yes these are all real questions that can be found on any forum discussing vacation travel!

The premise of this book is simple:  figure out why you want to over-pack, decide what you need to pack, then pack and go!

Rather than hundreds of pages of all-purpose packing lists for every conceivable type of trip and traveler, this book explains how you can create your own customized list – a list of gear that you will actually use on your trip.

Having too much luggage has its advantages, though. Do you want to come back home after a trip with great looking arms? All those over-head lifts of your  bag into luggage racks will be great, plus you should get some nice quads from dragging bags up and down stairs, in and out of  hotels, planes and autos. If you want your luggage to provide you with a gym fix, don’t buy this book.

If  you’d like to have a low-stress vacation, you should buy it. 

What? Another Book About Packing?

Most packing books seem intent on selling you a new set of luggage. This one is different – this one is about the “why” of packing, and in particular over-packing. The author uses the science of why you think you need 25 different outfits for a 10 day beach vacation, to kill your over-packing habit once and for all.

Of course you can skip the book and take what you think you need for the next vacation. But do you really want to spend the entire trip counting bags in and out of taxis, hotels and planes? Do you enjoy paying porters and tipping taxi drivers to deal with your stuff?

This book will cost you less than one bell hop’s tip. 

Who Is Elisabeth And What Does She Know About Packing?

Elisabeth has traveled to every continent except Antarctica and stayed in almost every type of vacation: she’s backpacked and stayed in 5-star luxury pads.  Over 30 years she has learned a thing or two about packing -and its not just about a generic packing list.

Read this book, apply the principles and save your back, wallet and sanity the next time you have to pack for vacation.

This is the last packing for vacation book you’ll ever need to buy.

Click here to buy the book  now – and change the way you view packing forever!